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Gadisa Birhanu’s Inspiring Tour Across Europe

A Journey of Hope and Transformation

Gadisa Birhanu, the founder of Testimony 2540, recently embarked on an inspiring tour across Europe, meeting with various stakeholders, potential partners, and supporters to further the mission of our NGO. His journey was not just a series of meetings; it was a testament to his unwavering dedication to transforming the lives of street children in Addis Ababa.

Meeting with Mr Mendivé Christian Director of All Schools in the county of Indre et Loire ( Director of 600 Schools).
Meeting with Mr Mendivé Christian Director of All Schools in the county of Indre et Loire.

Connecting with Champions

One of the highlights of Gadisa’s tour was forging partnerships with renowned athletes who are French and European champions. These athletes, including Clément Leduc, Yosef Goasdoue, and Dimitri Pasquereau, have become enthusiastic supporters of our mission. Their involvement is a testament to the universal appeal of our cause and the shared belief in the potential of every child.

Meeting with Influential Leaders

During his tour, Gadisa had the opportunity to meet with several influential leaders and organizations. In Italy, he hosted an information evening with potential volunteers and their families who will be joining us in August. A similar event was held in Groningen, Netherlands, for volunteers coming in December. These meetings were pivotal in spreading awareness and garnering support for our programs.

Meeting with the mayor of Tours Mr. Emmanuel Denis
Meeting with the mayor of Tours Mr. Emmanuel Denis

Government and Community Support

Gadisa’s tour also included meetings with key government and community leaders. He had fruitful discussions with Ambassador Samuel Ducroquet, Ambassador for Sport, and Mr. Christophe Chinette, the head of the 10/20 kms de Tours. Additionally, Gadisa met with the mayor of Tours, Mr. Emmanuel Denis, and the Sport Representative of Centre Val de Loire Region, Mr. Mohamed Moulay. These meetings have opened doors for future collaborations and support for our initiatives.

The Path Forward

Gadisa’s European tour was a significant step forward for Testimony 2540. The connections made and the support garnered during this trip will help us expand our reach and impact, bringing us closer to our vision of helping street children across Ethiopia and East Africa. We are incredibly grateful for the warm reception and the generosity of everyone Gadisa met during his tour.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to build on these partnerships and work towards a brighter future for the children we serve. Together, we can transform trials into testimonies.

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